Welcome to the Basilica of San Giovanni a Porta Latina.  San Giovanni is a popular basilica for weddings in Rome and we are happy to offer you our assistance in planning your wedding.  Here are some information to help you get started.

1)    It is necessary to come to San Giovanni a Porta Latina to arrange a date for the ceremony, and then to give to the parish priest of either the bride or the groom the act of knowledge for marriage.  Your parish priest will be responsible for the completing of all of the necessary paper-work, which then must be brought to San Giovanni a Porta Latina.

2)   To assist in the ceremony, you can invite you own priest to officiate your wedding ceremony.  If not, the priests of San Giovanni a Porta Latina will be available.

3)   The drapery on the pews and the carpets of San Giovanni a Porta Latina can not be changed for any reason.

4)   San Giovanni a Porta Latina does not provide floral arrangements or photographers.  You are free to make your own arrangements.  We invite you to keep in mind:

a)    The floral arrangements should be simple and essential, according to the style of this Basilica.  It is possible to get in touch with the other couples getting married the same day as yourselves, to share the floral expenses.

b)    The photographers must not disturb the eucharistic celebration, and should be participant, keeping in mind the moment and the holy place.  When the rite is finished, you can have some photographs in the basilica (like those with parents and witnesses), but none of a romantic nature.

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