The Institute of Charity (Rosminian Fathers), inspired by God to Antonio Rosmini (in 1828) "consists of faithful christians who in their ardent desire of living as disciples of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Master, apply themselves vigorously, with mutual help and encouragement, to their own perfections as persons." (Constitution n.2)  


   The Foundation of the Institute is the principle of passivity, that we must understand as “a constant attention to the signs of the Divine Will and absolute disposition to move according to these signs as soon as they are manifested.”  (Pope John Paul II, 09-26-1998) 


"Love Fulfills the Law"

   The works that the Institute exercises are those of universal charity.  These are exercised in Italy, England, Ireland, Venezuela, Kenya, Tanzania, India, and the United States.   

   Antonio Rosmini Serbati (1797-1855), philosopher and man of great culture, is also a Christian, priest, founder of religious orders, and teacher of spirituality.  Pope John Paul II praised Rosmini in his address to the Institute: “The increased admiration and interest about his life and his thought provokes the urgency to put his virtues in the light, his moral and spiritual stature in every trail that he overcame in his life. (Pope John Paul II, 11-10-1988)   

   “His discovery gives honor to mankind today."  (M. Sgarbossa)






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